Antonio y Cleopatra Cigars, Coronas

Blended with Cuban seed tobacco. Natural imported wrapper. Quality cigars since 1888. Antonio y Cleopatra (AyC) cigars, having originated in Cuba in 1888, have been bringing pleasure and relaxation to cigar lovers for over 100 years. With meticulous care, from the planting of the finest seeds to the selection of the best imported wrappers by expert buyers, AyC cigars bring consistent smoothness in taste and aroma cigar after cigar. Freshness Guarantee: The cigars in this package have been hermetically sealed in our exclusive Flavor Lock film to guarantee freshness and flavor. If you are not completely satisfied with their freshness or flavor, return the package with the unused portion to: Product Guarantee, 2525 E. Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 and we will send you a free replacement.