Rogue Ale, Pumpkin Patch

Ale brewed with Rogue Farms pumpkins. Dedicated to the rogue in each of us. Grow the revolution. This Rogue was brewed using ingredients grown on Rogue Farms in Oregon. From ground to glass, we're proud to say it's a true taste of Rogue terroir. To learn more about Rogue Farms and the grow your own revolution visit us online at Dedicated to Farmers & Fermenters: Created with pumpkins grown at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. Fresh pumpkins are picked, loaded into our truck, driven immediately 77 miles to our brewery in Hewport, Oregon, quickly roasted and pitched into the brew kettle. No chemicals, preservatives or additives. 15 degrees Plato. 25 IBU. 75 AA. 25 degrees L. Oxygen Fixing Caps: More info at 100% pure Rogue. Established 1988. 6.1% ABV. Brewed & bottled by Rogue Ales, Hewport OR 97365 USA.